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Old Blood Saga

Urban fantasy novels by author B. Scott Hoadley

Book cover of The Weaver from urban fantasy author B. Scott Hoadley

The Weaver


Something is amiss across the worlds of ancient races. Renegade weavers, vampires, demons and fae oppose the Conclave, the ancient council that has kept the peace for many centuries.

At 22, Nathan Briggs is anything but ordinary. The son of a prominent New England family, well-educated, and recently returned from traveling around the world, you’d think he had nothing to worry about.

But looks can be deceiving. Grieving his grandfather’s recent loss, at odds with his father, and the scent of death on his doorstep, Nathan’s world is far from ordinary.

When he discovers a secret family legacy of magic, a legacy he seems to have inherited, his world takes a dark turn. There’s something in the shadows, something curious, intent, and deadly. Something that seeks to discover the extent of Nathan’s power… and how much he knows about the life he’s inherited.

Nathan runs, first from his father, and then from the darkness. What else hides in the shadows? Will he learn enough magic in time to defeat it?

Or is it already too late?

Books are available in Paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited at:

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Book cover of Old Blood from urban fantasy author B. Scott Hoadley
Book cover of Hunter's Moon from urban fantasy author B. Scott Hoadley
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“I love a book I can get lost in, a story so well written it's like your own private movie where you can envisage every scene, every character, you feel part of it!

- Amazon reader

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