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Resources for writers

As an indie author, you rely on others to learn about craft, market, how to create and sell your work, and other tasks that help us create a business out of our writing. This is a space for indie authors, where I will share resources that I find valuable as a writer. I hope you find it useful.

My content

From time to time I’ll put together thoughts on Substack where I’ll be doing most of my “other” writing going forward. Visit there for thoughts on topics as diverse as life, writing, design and leadership.


These are some of the podcasts that I listen to. They offer great insight into both writing and the indie publishing life. Well worth the listen.

The Book Marketing Show –

The Reluctant Book Marketer –

The Self Publishing Show –

Two Indie Authors –

Write Now with Scrivener –

Author websites

These are author’s websites that I feel offer more than just a look at their own work. They also offer insights for other writers and provide the benefit of their own experiences.

Lee Hall –

Jody J. Sperling – – be sure to listen to his podcast!


Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula –

Excellent courses here, including his Launchpad course which is a must do course for any aspiring Indie author, and is also excellent for those who have started to publish and want to focus on the “business” of writing.

Ads for Authors -

Matthew J. Holmes cut his teeth on advertising for his wife, Lori Holmes, books. He's put together this online course to teach people how to advertise their books and continually updates course content as systems change and as he learns new tricks. He also has a Facebook group which creates a community for people taking the course.


Here is some software I use in creating, producing, marketing and selling my books.

Amazon KDP - the platform I publish my books through

Bookbub - A resource for advertising your books to large audiences for your genre

BookFunnel - A resource for reader arcs, magnets, and to set-up direct book sales distribution

Booklinker - A place to create universal links for your books

Canva – design tool – use it to create all social and website graphics, promotions, ads

ConvertKit – used for email lists and newsletters

FreeAgent – accounting software

Miro - whiteboard software I use to plot out my books

MS Word - used to do revisions to my books

Notion - the place I keep notes about publishing and my books

Publisher Rocket – sales and marketing tool for Amazon key words, categories, etc.

Scrivener – used to write my first drafts and organize notes and content for my books

Substack - the platform where I blog

Vellum – used to produce the ebook and paperback formats for publication - a platform used to produce this website

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