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Author B. Scott Hoadley

Author, designer, human. New Yorker living in London.

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Author of urban fantasy series Old Blood Saga.

B. Scott Hoadley is author of the urban fantasy series Old Blood Saga. His first four novels, THE WEAVER, OLD BLOOD, HUNTER’S MOON and BLOOD TIES are available on Amazon. The last two books in the 6-book series, WEAVER’S ISLE and THE CONCLAVE, are due out in 2024.

In addition to writing, he has a successful career in design and consulting. Outside writing and consulting he loves reading, gaming, gardening, trips to the countryside and beach, and long walks.

Originally from New York, the author lived in Boston and now resides in London. He and his partner live with a plump, adoring cat, a visiting pigeon named Bob, and a Volvo named Daisy.

B. Scott Hoadley earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts which he is finally putting to good use after many years of gathering dust.

He loves to read urban fantasy, high fantasy, science fiction, crime fiction, and action adventure novels. He’s pretty sure he has stories to tell in each of those genres.

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