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Old Blood Saga

Urban fantasy novels by author B. Scott Hoadley

Blood Ties


On a mission to deepen his knowledge of magic, something goes awry.

Nathan and his friends travel through the Arcstone and end up lost and separated from one another. As they search for one another they discover the portal has taken them to a most dangerous destination.

Beset by demons and vampires, Nathan is forced to confront the enemy, and at last come face to face with the evil behind the war with the Conclave. While his friends search for him they encounter their own worst fears.

Can Nathan find a way out of the dire circumstances he finds himself in? Will his friends be able to find him in time to save him?

Are they all that stand between an ancient enemy and destruction of the Conclave?

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“I love a book I can get lost in, a story so well written it's like your own private movie where you can envisage every scene, every character, you feel part of it!

- Amazon reader

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