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Old Blood Saga

Urban fantasy novels by author B. Scott Hoadley

Hunter's Moon


A strange discovery leads to an unexpected journey for Nathan and his friends.

Pursued by those conspiring to take down the Conclave, and no closer to understanding why, our young hero searches for a portal to another world. But what will he find when he gets there?

The council governing relationships between creatures is under attack–and Nathan, along with his friends Ben and Serena are targets.

Pursued by demons and vampires, Nathan must seek out the Fae to learn ancient portal magic from a fae master. But nothing is ever simple. First he and his friends have to evade pursuit, before figuring out how to enter the Fae world.

Whether he likes it or not, the future of the Conclave and his destiny are now intertwined–and the lives of his friends may hang in the balance.

In a race against time, will Nathan learn the magic needed to use an ancient portal left to him by his grandfather, or will he fail, risking the future of the Conclave and the strange world to which he now belongs?

Only determination and will can decide his fate, and that of others.

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“I love a book I can get lost in, a story so well written it's like your own private movie where you can envisage every scene, every character, you feel part of it!

- Amazon reader

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