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Old Blood Saga

Urban fantasy novels by author B. Scott Hoadley

Old Blood


The rebellion against the Conclave gathers pace and those behind it will stop at nothing. If they succeed, they will tear our world apart. But first they need to know where one weaver stands… for or against them?

Nathan survived a deadly attack. But not everyone was so lucky. Lost and alone, and missing his best friend, he buries himself in his work.

When his father offers him the chance to head to London to learn the family business he jumps at it–anything to leave death, loss and loneliness behind.

At first London offers a diversion. But things at the company aren’t quite what they seem and soon he’s caught up in a conspiracy. But even that can’t fully distract him from magic.

He soon finds himself caught between a desire to learn magic, a cat and mouse game at work, supernatural encounters, but most of all, danger. As his power grows, so grows the interest of those who lurk in the shadows.

Can Nathan survive when there’s so much he doesn’t yet understand?

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“I love a book I can get lost in, a story so well written it's like your own private movie where you can envisage every scene, every character, you feel part of it!

- Amazon reader

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